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Hot Tub Spa

Hot Tub Spa

image of hot tub spa A Hot Tub Spa is a small pool or bath (sometimes called a 'Jaccuzi'), that typically has whirlpool air jets and is designed to operate at high temperatures (about 100 degrees Fahrenheit).

A Hot Tub Spa can be either outdoors or indoors.

If your Hot Tub Spa uses natural gas or propane to heat the water, then you should also put a checkmark for 'Pool Heater (gas)' to include this a part of your home features in your Home Wizard app.

Keeping a hot tub spa clear and clean involves balancing 4 key elements:

- Sanitizer levels (kills bacteria and helps control algae growth).

- Water circulation and filtration (removes particulates and debris).

- pH and temperature.

- Regular brushing and vacuuming.

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Shown in the 'Routine Care' section are the recommended routine maintenance tasks for your hot tub spa. The 'Q & A' section shows answers to common questions. And the 'Articles' section provides helpful articles about your hot tub spa.